Tip of the day: children’s parties

Children under five…….I won’t bore you with how long I have been doing this again but every time we are contacted about a small person’s birthday party, my first job is to find out the age of the child then the average ages of guests.

There is no doubt, kids get excited when they know a special treat is looming but oh… the wait can be endless for them!!!  Based on this, we do our best to encourage the parent to consider starting the event earlier in the day!  Which is easy [a] if the time has not been booked at a venue and [b] if the guests have not already been informed! The favourite time slot is 11am to 1pm

Just think of the advantages!!!

  1. No constant questions about when the party you are still organising is starting
  2. No overtired infants who might have to miss their nap and end up tearful
  3. More time to open the pressies later
  4. A different menu option. [see my earlier TOTD blog regarding themed boxes] as you can easily change to a mini burger/fish fingers and chips (providing the venue has facilities)
  5. Time to wind down before bedtime [most important!]

Drop by again to see more tips!


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