Countdown to Xmas – special offer

It is that time again, December, with all the searching for great gifts for the family!  As your children get older, it is amazing how much their ‘stocking’ items evolve… no more sneaking in the pair of school shoes, track suit bottoms, masquerading as a ‘gift’ [Yep I did this on more than one occasion!]. Or indeed the old fashioned satsuma trick…. so much is commonplace and ordinary these days.

How do we pitch this?  Do we ask them what they want thus spoiling any surprises, or do we try and listen in on their conversations in the hopes of gaining ‘insider’ information?  Sometimes this is more difficult than you can imagine, especially when they reach Secondary School age…. try cocking an ear to a teenagers phone conversation and you will be met with a frosty look, a grumpy noise and with that, a disappearing act!

I tried to get them to write a list so, when they were small, a copy of the Argos catalogue came out and they avidly scribbled down EVERYTHING they lusted after!  At least we had something to go on! Time went on and it was explicit cd’s, inappropriate clothes/jewellery and don’t get me started on X-box games!

Trust me, it does not get any easier when they hit their 20’s.  It can be a tad more expensive though.  A bottle of perfume can set you back £60, aftershave is little better – the clothing becomes more practical with a winter coat here and there but don’t get me started on X-box games!

I am so glad my business caters for the slightly younger members of our society.  Each and every one of them has a birthday so my face painting and balloon modelling skills keep me busy, as does the craft workshops and glitter tattoos!

Now, my little Xmas gift to a few lucky children: I am offering a discount on a two hour birthday party held during the last two weekends in January – so there you have it!  Go to my website and using the drop-down menu to contact me, Denise,fill in the request and mention the title of this article in the message.


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