School’s In

Well the summer is coming to a close; the children are back at school and some normal chaos has returned to our morning road journeys.

In the Children’s Entertainment industry, the warmer months are overflowing with village fetes, County fairs, Company Fun Days, Weddings, and Christenings.  Of course there were still birthday parties but sadly one I performed at, many guests did not arrive, without sending any apologies and the little boy was visibly devastated. If you know you will be away, please let the host know.

Parties aside… large corporate groups often employ our services but a small number do not think it matters to keep us waiting 2 months or more for our payment.  When you have others working alongside you, they rightly expect to be paid up to 30 days after the event but small independents do not have the means to stump up ££££’s whilst waiting for the indifferent accounts department to ‘approve’ your invoice.

The Law is on our side. but we would much rather these customers, some with well-known names, pay up in a timely manner.

If anyone has had this problem and tackled it using the above law, please write to me and let me know the outcome of your endeavours.






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