Party Tips: CAKE!

Wow, this birthday cake is sure to be a hit with animal loving kids!  What a brilliant idea!


This has now given me the idea to investigate other cool ideas…. we have probably all seen the Rainbow cake but I am guessing there are more wonderful ideas out there.

Let me know if you find some exotic ones!


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Countdown to Xmas – special offer

It is that time again, December, with all the searching for great gifts for the family!  As your children get older, it is amazing how much their ‘stocking’ items evolve… no more sneaking in the pair of school shoes, track suit bottoms, masquerading as a ‘gift’ [Yep I did this on more than one occasion!]. Or indeed the old fashioned satsuma trick…. so much is commonplace and ordinary these days.

How do we pitch this?  Do we ask them what they want thus spoiling any surprises, or do we try and listen in on their conversations in the hopes of gaining ‘insider’ information?  Sometimes this is more difficult than you can imagine, especially when they reach Secondary School age…. try cocking an ear to a teenagers phone conversation and you will be met with a frosty look, a grumpy noise and with that, a disappearing act!

I tried to get them to write a list so, when they were small, a copy of the Argos catalogue came out and they avidly scribbled down EVERYTHING they lusted after!  At least we had something to go on! Time went on and it was explicit cd’s, inappropriate clothes/jewellery and don’t get me started on X-box games!

Trust me, it does not get any easier when they hit their 20’s.  It can be a tad more expensive though.  A bottle of perfume can set you back £60, aftershave is little better – the clothing becomes more practical with a winter coat here and there but don’t get me started on X-box games!

I am so glad my business caters for the slightly younger members of our society.  Each and every one of them has a birthday so my face painting and balloon modelling skills keep me busy, as does the craft workshops and glitter tattoos!

Now, my little Xmas gift to a few lucky children: I am offering a discount on a two hour birthday party held during the last two weekends in January – so there you have it!  Go to my website and using the drop-down menu to contact me, Denise,fill in the request and mention the title of this article in the message.


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Monday Muse [tbc]

What affects people’s happiness most are things like quality of sleep, little ups and downs at work and relationships with our friends and family. In other words: it’s the little things that make us happy.

When you’re down or worried about something, people often say: “hey, try not to think about it; just put it out of your mind!”

This is very bad advice. Trying to suppress your thoughts is counter-productive. Like trying as hard as you can not to think about pink elephants or white bears. What people experience when they try to suppress their thoughts is an ironic rebound effect: the thought comes back stronger than before. Looking for distractions is a much better strategy.

One of the weirdest and most unsettling findings in psychology is the idea that we find it hard to hold two contradictory beliefs, so we unconsciously adjust one to make it fit with the other.

The gap between people with mental illness and the ‘sane’ is a lot smaller than we’d like to think.

Fantasies also fail to flag up the problems we’re likely to face on the way to our goals.

Please feel free to add your thoughts xx @Angel Faces UK

Tip of The Day: Children’s Party Games

Listed below are a few of the simple children’s party games I have picked up over the years. I supply this free of charge as part of the service we offer at Angel Faces UK, in the knowledge that a successful party is based on parental interaction.


You will need:  3 bean bags or 3 soft foam balls; Three buckets/baskets; Pencil & Paper

The baskets should be placed at varying heights (Table, stool; coffee table) and points awarded for landing within one. In the garden, you can play this game with hoola hoops (one inside the other) or a drawn Bullseye which lays on the ground and the children throw the bags/balls and score points where they land. (For bean bags, I have used split peas in small plastic food bags!)


You will need: Dried beans; Three bowls; Paper & Pencil

Similar to the above  but place the bowls in ‘a nest’ at one end of a table. Players stand at the other end and take turn to toss beans into the bowls. The smallest bowl counts three points, the middle size bowl counts as two and the biggest counts as one point. You are not allowed to touch the table.


You will need: Two buckets; One saucer (for each team)

Have five or six people in each team. There will be water spilling everywhere so play this outside!

For each team, one bucket should be filled with water and the other left empty about 20 metres away. The first member of each team fills the saucer with water from the full bucket, runs to the empty one trying not to spill any and pours the water in, runs back to the start and passes the saucer to the next person who does the same. The first team to finish gets a point per person but if the other team has lots more water, make it a draw!


You will need:  A ball

Make up two teams of about six players in each. Line up behind each other with spaces between you. Stand with legs apart. The first person in each team bends down and tosses the ball backwards between his legs to the next player. She catches it and tosses it over her head to the player behind her. He tosses it over until it reaches the last player. who catches the ball and runs with it to the front of the line. They carry on doing this until the original first player reaches the front again and holds the ball up.


You will need:  Some potatoes; Spoons; Handkerchiefs (for blindfolds); A bucket

Divide the players into two teams. Put the potatoes in a line about 15 metres away and place the bucket nearby. Blindfold one team and give them spoons. They have two minutes to spoon potatoes into the bucket while the other team watches. A very funny sight. After two minutes, count the potatoes in the bucket then it is the other team’s turn. The team with the most potatoes collected wins.


You will need:   A milk bottle or narrow neck jar; Bag of pennies; Chair (with back)

Place the bottle on the floor at the back of the chair. The object of the game is to kneel backwards on the chair, and each child tries to drop, say, 5 pennies into the bottle. This is harder than it sounds!


This is a tag game with a difference. One child is IT. Everybody runs off and the IT chases them. As soon as she touches one of them, that player has to join hands with the IT. They now both try to catch the other players. Anyone touched by either of them has to join on until you have a long chain of IT’s. The last player becomes the new IT.

Well that is just a selection of games that do not need complicated props, and these can be provided if necessary. I would welcome any of your ideas to add to this list. You never know, it could turn into a book with your name amongst the credits.

For your child’s added enjoyment we can provide juggling balls, diablo’s , etc for a “Circus Workshop” theme plus “Make-a-Badge” colouring for the younger reveller!  We supply ready printed pictures, and washable felt tip pens.  This makes a novel party bag item in addition to our Balloon Animals.  @Angel Faces UK

Tip of the day: Kids parties face paint removal

Four Reasons Wet Wipes Are Bad For Face Painting

Although convenient, there are some serious disadvantages to using wet wipes as a professional face painter. This is why:

  1. Wasteful

To clean a child’s face before painting doesn’t require the entire cloth.  Traces of food by the mouth, or some something by the nose needs a small amount of cloth.  Obviously you can’t re-use one on someone else as that would be unacceptable. You have to throw it in the bin. What a waste, wet wipes are not that cheap.  And just like money, they do not flush that well, even the ones that say they are ‘flushable’.  Please don’t do it.

  1. They contribute to staining Skin

The oils in the wipes that keep them moist are also a great product for setting your pigments. Basically part of the wipe removes the paint and the other part works to embed the colour in your skin. It actually pushes it deeper into your pores and then seals it nicely.  This happens mostly with yellows, reds, greens and purples, but has been known to happen with almost all the colours.   On the back of my business cards there are care and removal instructions, and it specifically says. “Avoid wet wipes and creams”.

  1. Science

When a face has been cleaned around the mouth or nose with wet wipes ,paint had trouble bonding and blending on application and it was the OILS in the wet wipes causing this!  Face paint is WATER activated! Science tells us Oil and Water DON’T mix, hence, the removal instructions on my cards.

  1. They Are Bad For the Skin

By their very nature facial wipes have to be soaked in some potent chemicals to avoid being breeding grounds for bacteria. These moist cloths sit in packets on shelves for up to 18 months on a warm factory floor, therefore they require high levels of preservatives, namely alcohol and anti-bacterial agents to keep them usable by the time they distribute them to the retailers.

Particular ingredients to watch out for are:

– Propylene Glycol and Dipropylene Glycol (irritants)

– Parabens (e.g., Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is often used as is Japanese Honeysuckle, a naturally-occurring but equally concerning)

– Phenoxyethanol (irritant)

– 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Dio (potent anti-microbial agent that carries the highest hazard rating, 8-10, on the Skin Deep Ingredients database.)

  • Alcohol used topically, will dry out your skin. As well as being irritating to your skin, the high levels of alcohol can also cause extreme dryness and result premature ageing of the skin and works as a preservative when present in concentrations of over 10%.
  • Benzoic Acid [A mild skin irritant thought to exacerbate Eczema].
  • Benzyl Alcohol [Considered a skin and eye irritant and has been linked to Contact Dermatitis and Urticaria].
  • Formaldehyde [Still used in some “natural” skin care products, and a known carcinogen and skin irritant].


Alternative Solutions:

  1. A face cloth, fresh water, wrung out but still damp. Wipe paint away from the eyes delicately and gently remove the majority of the product.  Once most of the paint has been removed, you may was as normal.
  2. Paper towel and pump bottle

In the bottle put water and a small amount of gentle, unperfumed plain hand/face soap in it. Use purest soap to avoid possible allergies in your clients.   Detergents are off the list.  Try scrapings from Dove or Pears soap [gentle on skin and no oily residue]. Mix with the water and it dissolves- pump on to small cut to size paper towels kept in a sealed container. If you feel the need you can also spray another sheet with just water to remove any soap residue you may have left behind.  This solution is:

– Less expensive

– Safer for the skin

– Better for removing face paint

– Easier to paint over after cleaning

– Saves Space

– Better for correcting mistakes

– Creates less waste  @AngelfacesUK

– More environmentally friendly

Tip of the day: children’s parties

Children under five…….I won’t bore you with how long I have been doing this again but every time we are contacted about a small person’s birthday party, my first job is to find out the age of the child then the average ages of guests.

There is no doubt, kids get excited when they know a special treat is looming but oh… the wait can be endless for them!!!  Based on this, we do our best to encourage the parent to consider starting the event earlier in the day!  Which is easy [a] if the time has not been booked at a venue and [b] if the guests have not already been informed! The favourite time slot is 11am to 1pm

Just think of the advantages!!!

  1. No constant questions about when the party you are still organising is starting
  2. No overtired infants who might have to miss their nap and end up tearful
  3. More time to open the pressies later
  4. A different menu option. [see my earlier TOTD blog regarding themed boxes] as you can easily change to a mini burger/fish fingers and chips (providing the venue has facilities)
  5. Time to wind down before bedtime [most important!]

Drop by again to see more tips!

Denise  @AngelfacesUK